A new gadget

My phone-tic has had a severe impact on my wallet this week: I’ve decided to purchase the Sony Ericsson K850i in combination with my old mobile subscription.

I really like it, as it is better equipped than my old & trusty N73 and better looking. it is a shame it is not a smartphone though, nor has it capabilities to run TomTom.
The touch-buttons take some getting used to, but I’m expecting it to be a week before I don’t know better. 😉

k850i_front_velvet_blue_small.jpgk850i_back_velvet_blue_small.jpg dsc02554.jpg

Really high-res pics are also available: Front & Back.

Edit: (2007-12-04)

I’ve also acquired a HPM-82, for some serious music-listening.
Knowing you can hear your music really well, without being a nuisance to others is bliss 😉


Of course: the latter is also really high-res available.