More spam-related fuss

Since a couple of days I’ve been noticing an increase in spam-comments. Historically ranging from the infamous penis enlargements to comments telling my how to buy cheap medication, spams have been pretty straightforward.
Usually, a spam comment exists of several links, very little text and all sorts of different spellings and synonyms of the words medication, penis and bigger. This typical buildup makes it really easy to automate spam-deletion, which a plugin I previously mentioned can do for me while I’m doing other things.

Until now. I’ve had a dozen of spam-comments already with text that is very hard to determine to be a spam. These additions have, until now, been comments on the fact the author is bored and has nothing to do but comment on my blog. Luckily, the blogentry that is commented on is unrelated to the comment, and thus easier to detect.
Unfortunately for me, and you all, is that this detection has to be done manually, which leaves the comments (undetected) on my blog for some time. Therefore, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience beforehand, as the comment often links back to dodgy sites offering or forcing malicious software to the visitor. Please do not click anything not coming from me, or any of the registered users here.

From a very dark workplace, I would like to wish you all safe browsing these last few days of 2007 🙂