CO2 mania

We all know our world is dying, and we are to blame. Our rigourous spending and consuming behaviour has led to the demise of our ozone-layer and the process of global warming. As Al Gore told us: we’re doomed if we don’t do something about it.

In that light, our government has decided to heighten the taxes on all leased cars (22% to 25% ‘bijtelling’), and lower the taxes on specific car models which have lowest emissions (22% to 14%). Today, there’s 3 models that comply to the new strict rules and are eligible for the low taxing. Obviously, there’s a real hausse going on right now, as 2 of the three models are family-cars (and hybrids), the other is a very small 4-seater with a regular petrol-engine.
A couple of years ago, the tendency to see us as the major pollutors and killers of the world as we know it has lead to the infamous Kyoto Protocol.
Starting in 2005, emissions were to be regulated and more specifically administrated. All large companies had to keep track of the emissions, and had to keep them below a certain level.
Last week, the EU has decided to vote for a new plan: in 2020 a reduction in CO2-emission of 20% compared to 1990. Note: Kyoto had the agreement to lower CO2 emissions to 5% below the level of 1990. Yes, that’s a 15% extra bonus on the decrease!

The worst part is: it is most likely going to be an EU-only agreement. This puts ‘us’ in a peculiar position: all european companies have to compete on the global market with at least one hand tied to their backs: by adhering to emission-quota which others do not is a competitive disadvantage that is not to be taken lightly. The new rules have the likeliness to cost vast amounts of money, yet the outcome is pretty much unclear.
The goal of the new regulations remain cloudy: what are the effects of ‘our’ reduction can be seen, and on what period in time?

Put shortly: I simply cannot see why rules like these have to be enforced in our economic area only. Global rules are fine by me, as the disadvantages are common among all competitors, and we all are helping the cause.
But why oh why, does the EU have to be, like The Netherlands, the best boy in class?