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The English Disease

I know it’s kind of weird to discuss a defect of Dutch-writing people in English, but it bothered me that much I just had to mention it. So here goes. My personal rant on misspelling and general neglecting of rules… Continue Reading →

Packaging payments

This week, our world is about to get a little less polluted. The Dutch government has effectuated regulation conceived last August in conjunction with the corporate world and the municipalities to collect and process the plastics in the garbage separately… Continue Reading →

Why bilingularity sucks

Well, we probably all know the issues in Belgium these days. After a period of 192 days, a new government has been formed under the supervision of Yves Leterme, which had to cope with a huge amount of concessions. The… Continue Reading →

Murder of the mussel

Yes, it does say murder. Our nation has been renowned for it’s mussels for ages, as ‘Zeeuwse Mosselen’ are world famous for their taste and fat. Dutch mussels differ from all other mussels as they are treated well in every… Continue Reading →

Budget neutral sucks!

Inheritance tax probably is the most disliked and misunderstood form of taxation our country has. Whenever a departed dear one grants a part of their ‘fortune’ to you, you’ll have to pay taxes for receiving it, even when you have… Continue Reading →

Fear of Islam is ruling The Hague

Each and every day there seems to be news about Geert Wilders, his Islam-critic film Fitna, "Boerkinis", troublesome (islamic) allochthonous youth and more. One could say it’s the Islam, or rather the fear around it, that’s keeping the reporters and… Continue Reading →

Is this the end of Balkenende IV?

Employment , forced termination of employment, legal issues surrounding employment and the current cabinet Balkenende IV don’t go together very well. After the near crash of the current cabinet last year, minister Donner has said today he thinks the regulations… Continue Reading →

Fundraising for the pro

In the USA, the race is on. All candidates for the democratic and the republican parties did it, previous to and even during their campaign. Fund raising through dinners, shows and private parties. Anyone with money and a little affiliation… Continue Reading →

Constitutional discrimination

Yes, the title does indeed say "constitutional discrimination", as this is what the European Commission thinks of the practice in our country. Recently, the European Commissioner of Social Affairs Vladimir Spidla has sent the Dutch government a letter concerning the… Continue Reading →

Crisis on the international moneymarket

Bad, bad American banks. Giving mortgages to people who have a high risk of not being able to pay the monthlee fees, and reselling the packaged mortgages to other institutions. Oh well, it has happened, and we cannot do anything… Continue Reading →

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