Why bilingularity sucks

Well, we probably all know the issues in Belgium these days.
After a period of 192 days, a new government has been formed under the supervision of Yves Leterme, which had to cope with a huge amount of concessions. The agreement was almost non-functional as both sides were dug in deep.

Today, and in the short week hereafter, this might all be work for nothing. A new dispute has been formed over the voting-district Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde (BHV). As it is partly french-speaking and partly Flemmish-speaking, the Flemmish want to divide the district into two new ones, with both languages having one district. This is much to the dismay of the French-speaking inhabitants of Belgium, and the are threatening to give up the parliament. The prime-minister wants to explore the matter for a few months, where his very own party wants to put the division to the vote.

What will happen is completely unpredictable. When the cabinet falls, new elections will probably be issued with an even more uncertain outcome. What do you think? Should we annexate the Dutch-speaking and make them into a new “provincie”? Or should we ignore them and their federal state and see it fall apart?