Home shopping

There is a point in your life, when you and your partner decide you want to be together each and every day of the week, or at least as many days of the week as possible.
This decision often is referred to as ‘living together’, which is the decision Kirsten and I made a little while ago. Yesterday we went out to see not one but three real estabe brokers to check out a house we’ve spotted.

It turned out to be great, and we even put in our offer to buy it from the current owner. I’ll be clinging on to my phone the entire day today, anxious as I am to hear from the selling party. I’ll be posting updates soon, I hope. 🙂

Update 09:45: The current owners have counter-offered a difference of €9K5, where we started off at a difference of €12K. We offered a difference of €7K5.

Update 15:30: Owners re-counter-offered a difference of €5K, we offered a difference of €2K5, with the note it’s the final offer. Playing hard this time!

Update 03-17 @ 12:00: The current owner has agreed on the last offer, and this message has been confirmed around 17:30 on the 7th. Yay!