One long night

Iâ€m trying to get some sleep, as tomorrow is only a few hours away, yet I cannot.
Why? I can hear you ask.
Iâ€ll tell you why.

For the Dutch, and in particular the ones addicted to a show called ‘Mijn tent is topâ€, it should be clear by now. For those who still have a huge question sign floating over their heads: the show is a competitive show where several couples try to outperform the others building up a successful restaurant, with a big prize at the end. Their very own restaurant, debt-free.

Now guess which cities are in the finals, and when the finals are held.
Yes, you”ve guessed it right. Groningen & Breda. Right now. And, oh lucky me, my hotel is only 50 metres away from the restaurant in Groningen. 😉
At this very moment in time, thereâ€s a huge crowd cheering as loud as they can to get their favourite restaurant to win the final. As the live-show has only begun 15 minutes ago, my guess is that itâ€ll be noisy for quite some time from now. Oh well, weâ€ll see how things work out here.

Update 23:15: Groningen lost. Breda won. Now can I get some sleep?