Our welcoming committee

Whenever any of the two of us come home, we are always welcomed back by one of 6 (!) cats who patrol our neighbourhood.
Often, the are with three or more, and they tend to lie flat on the ground beneath my car to enjoy the radiating heat.

I do not dislike cats, or experience dismay from the presence of them in my front-yard. It’s the fact they are often taking a dump in my backyard. It stinks. Therefore, we’re going to make our yard kitty-proof in the near future, to avoid us from stepping into a smelly garden or worse!

Anyway, the welcoming committee is in the picture below. 😉

3 thoughts on “Our welcoming committee”

  1. Best solution is to get a cat yourself. 🙂

    By the way in our neighbourhood the cats always lay on the front of the car. Nice hot above the engine.

  2. Wait until you get the steaming piles I regularly find in my backyard via the (snail)mail, both of you!

    My rant here is that I think our neighbours (our direct neighbour has 3 cats, of which only 1 is outside regularly) should keep their cats from shitting in my garden. If they can’t, they shouldn’t let their pets out.

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