Flashy gadget

Ever since I got my Nikon D40, I wanted to have a little something for it to aid me in making better shots.

Yes, you’ve guessed it: I wanted to get an external flash!

I went out to get me a lovely Nikon Speedlight SB-400, and that is what I achieved.

I’m pretty chuffed about that. 🙂
You’ll see me posting pics I made with it attached to my cam real soon!


Please do note the spelling-error on the bag the flash comes in. 🙂


Together with the flash, I bought an omnibounce to avoid flashing everything to pieces.
It turned out only the Sto-Fen bounce was available at the place I bought it, so I went for that one.
It really works fine for me, yet it adds to the bulkyness of the camera+flash. Oh well, with an SB-900 attached to my D40 it would look weird too. 😉


Below are two pics of my gear, stuffed in the bag.
You’re looking at the SB400 and an Giottos Air Rocket on the left and the D40 with the 55-200 (non-VR) attached to it in the center.
The right hand side of the picture shows you the diffuser, my IR-remote, a no-brand battery and my Hoya Pola-filter in the upper part; and the 18-55 that came with the body in the lower part.
The bag itself is a Crumpler Pretty Boy backpack, which served me well the last year.


It’s not the most professional kit, but I’m happy with it.
Currently, I’m looking into buying a macro-enabled lens with built-in focus-motor, but those are hard to get by (and pretty expensive too!) Oh well, we’ll see. 🙂