The 100K milestone

Car abuse taken to the maximum: I drove around 42K in just under a year.

Coming from doing a mere 8000 kilometres per year, I’m now driving almost 4 times as much to and from my project location.

Nevertheless: it’s a funny sight, and here’s the proof.

4 thoughts on “The 100K milestone”

  1. @EER: Yep, it’s a Renault Clio. Good spot there! It’s the currently available model, mine is from late ’06.

    @Arjen: No, I was not having all doors open whilst the picture was taken. It’s the flash that makes it look like that, but as you can see on the far right with my indicator there: it’s clearly greener. 🙂 BTW: I wasn’t moving when I took the picture. 😉

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