Yesterday, I was very sad to find a little note in my letterbox, telling me the mailman went to our house but had to return to the place mailmen tend to go to without dropping the delivery off:  the postal office.

I had to wait for another full day before I could get my hand on the below depicted gems!


Well, that not the gem yet, but it’s the package they came in. It’s a letter just for me straight from my Hongkongese friends. Curious to know what I got yet?


Yeah, those are the real deal.
You can see two Hoya filters, specifically an UV-filter to keep those pesky sunrays containing UV-light out of my Tokina and a circular polarising filter to enhance the colors when I go back to photographing landscapes.

For the geeks among us: this is waht you see.

Left: Hoya 77mm PRO1 D Circular Polarising Filter
Right: Hoya 77mm PRO1 D Ultra Violet Filter

To upgrade my appearance on the geeky part: these are the abbreviations of the technology used in the above products.