We've been linked!

I don’t know yet for how long it has been, but I’m pretty pleased by the fact that we’ve been noticed!

Remember me posting some stuff on XBRL?

It has been noticed by the XBRL-organization of Spain (XBRL España), and our document was directly linked from there!
*evidence* (and scroll down)

I don’t know how to respond to this to them, as I’m not sure how to handle such a situation.

Do any of you have a view on this?

2 thoughts on “We've been linked!”

  1. It looks like the website in question likes to deeplink things, which is a shady practice obviously. On the other hand, they are giving you the kudos for the paper, so in that regard they have documented the source well.

    I would probably … do nothing? It seems only to be positive for your reputation in the XBRL community.

  2. I’ve found this link before indeed. After googling my own name, always nice to see what people find when they are searching you. And in my opinion this not a bad result to find 🙂

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