More festivities

As I announced on my birthday, I was anxiously waiting for another present to be delivered.

It’s areal gem, and is destined to live directly in front of my camera; it’s a lens!
It’s not just any lens, it’s the Tokina 12-24mm f/4.0 AF AT-X PRO DX II with Nikon F-mount.


It’s a true monster compared to my tiny Nikkor 55-200 DX, and at 77mm wide the lens certainly stands out from the others in my collection.


Here it is, mounted to my Nikon D40. You can clearly see the lens being too wide for the body to sit horizontally on the table. The lens-hood doesn’t help either. 😉


I haven’t been able to test-shoot properly, but I will this weekend. All in all, the lens feels really solid and ‘professional’, but maybe that’s just me not being used to this type of glass. 🙂