What happened afterwards

I left you with a statement about what happened, and this is what.

I lost about a year worth of photo’s through a very unfortunate series of events.

Firstly, my synchronize-software was inadvertently convinced that the external drive containing the pictures was the ‘destination’ drive, instead of the ‘source’-drive. This lead to the deletion of the last year’s worth of photo’s. All raw’s, sidecars and jpeg’s. 🙁
Secondly, this drive was the only place these files were kept! I was hooking it up to my PC to get it synchronized and to have at least two copies of the files.
Finally, when trying to undo the damage done, the drive gave up completely and now only emits some heavy clunking while it refuses to spin up and be harvested for the treasures that remain within…

About 2500 raw’s have been lost with numerous events now being only stored in my memory, and will be unseen by anyone else. Needless to say I have been down about it for quite some time.

To alleviate my spirit a little bit, I’ve immediately purchased new hardware to keep the files on more locations. And I’ve ditched my synchronization-sofware and found an alternative.

I got myself 1.5TB of storage, both external drives by WD.


They are a Western Digital My Passport 500GB, and a Western Digital My Book Esential 1TB; both are the 2008-versions.
I really like them. Sleek design, will work and are cheap. What more to wish?

Well, I’d like my data back btw…