All new and shiny

On the interwebs, there’s a fierce war going on to win our loyalty.
It’s something you probably use every day, and on several computers. At home, at work and on your mobile phone.

I’m obviously talking about a browser.
On your work it probably still is IE6 (at teast at my place!) while you’ve been upgraded to IE8 on your home-machines. Your mobile browser could be anything, from Opera to Safari to anything that’s out there.

I’ve been a happy Fx-user (Firefox) ever since the 0.9-series and am happy to see there’s been great improvements since.
To day, 3.5.7 is the main version of Fx, and it has some issues.
It starts slowly, is very resources-hungry and can be quite cumbersome around JS.
There’s hope on the horizon!

Just upgrade to the 3.6RC1 3.6RC2-version, and the problems described above should be gone. The only thing is that not all of your favorite plugins still work, but it’s a minor price to pay for a fa better browsing experience.
Try out all new stuff, and see the world slightly faster and slightly better. 🙂

UPDATE: Oh well, there’s even an RC2 out. HOT!
UPDATE2: The final is there!