Cruising through rainy Canada

I’ll just go straight to the centre of this story: yes, it rained today. A lot. And it was cold. We hit a 13 degree Celsius low point today on our way from Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs.

The day started off quite well in Vancouver, where we went our merry way right after an old fashioned breakfast, American style! Right after this, we went to an IGA to get more groceries, and we were off!

It would be a mere 2 hour drive to Harrison Hot Springs, and with our homework done we pretty much knew what to do and where to go. With the day starting very overcast we figured it would clear around noon as it did the day before, but it didn’t. It started drizzling. And then some more.

Around 2, the rain stopped and after about 4 hours of rain, of which we spent about 2 at a site called Bridal Falls State Park, we found ourselves inside Minter Gardens taking pictures of a very well laid out garden in a bleek sun. I sure hope the macro fotos will turn out great!

Harrison Hot Springs is a tiny place, fully focused on having tourists entertaining themselves on the adjacent Harrison Lake. We’ll see what tomorrow brings us! The journey will take us to Penticton with possibly a lot of lovely nice spots for us to enjoy.