More Vegas is more Vegas

After nearly completin' our south trip o' th' Las Vegas Strip yesterday, we decided today were bein' goin' t' be th' day o' us tourin' th' northern part o' The Strip.

The Strip actually is really long but has no official boundaries. It is however said t' run roughly betwixt th' Stratosphere Hotel on th' northern edge and th' Las Vegas Sign on th' southern edge. Yesterday, we only went t' th' last hotel on th' Strip, Mandalay Bay, and a bottle of rum! The Sign actually is a little while further down south.
Today, we will not make it all th' way up t' th' Stratosphere, as we planned t' travel only t' th' Wynn and Encore Hotels. And swab the deck! From there, th' Stratosphere is still quite a distance away.

Without goin' into too much details it is safe t' say that every single hotel we have been t' is really beautiful and really big, with a chest full of booty! Also, they all have excellent air conditionin' which comes in handy when temperatures outside start reachin' 40 degrees Celsius. Especially when th' sun is out and th' wind has picked up a bit.

Tonight were bein' a little bit o' a special night fer me, as it were bein' th' night me birthday present were bein' t' happen. Yay!
This meant we had t' go t' th' Rio Hotel t' see a show by Penn & Teller!
As I were bein' pretty sure I wanted t' go t' their show, I kind o' dragged Kirsten along with me. But luckily, she found th' magic show t' be really good, just like me.
So here’s another tip: when in Las Vegas, go see a show by Penn & Teller!



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