Greetings from SA!

Yet some more posts in the category Holiday 2012. Where has the guy gone this time, you might ask.

The answer is easy. South Africa!
Equipped with two cameras, a bunch of lenses and too many memory cards we are in for a three week fest on the other end of the world.
Quite literally the other end, as winter still reigns over here. But with 25 degrees as highs, it feels quite different from the winters back home.

We started the journey on Monday and got in the plane around 9. We exited the plane roughly 12 hours later. As it was pitch black outside by then we didn’t get to see anything outside of the hotel transfer van and the hotel room itself. Welcome to Johannesburg!

After the cold night our car was delivered to us. The car we rented for three weeks which was to bring us everywhere we wanted.
Being a Daihatsu Terios, it has permanent four wheel drive and has been of great value already!

The roads from Johannesburg to the Drakensbergen are good if you only count the toll roads. The rest is, well, pretty rough. And that is quite the understatement.

Arriving at Montusi Mountain Lodge we are shaken but not stirred from the bumpy ride through the mountains. But we are welcomed by the most luxurious and comfortable place you’d imagine. With 20 houses, the place is pretty small but big enough to have all the amenities necessary.
And, everything is included or available.

On Wednesday we started off with a lovely breakfast while overlooking the mountains. After this, we met up with our Zulu guide and went for a hike out on the property of the lodge. At over 1000 acres, it is big. Cedric led us through the veldt and showed us some wild animals, including something he called an Eland. We are still quite unsure what it is exactly, but it has hooves and it quite tall.

Tomorrow some more hiking, and perhaps some more outdoor activity, but we’ll see what happens. This place is pure relaxation!