Flying back home

Today is th' last leg o' our journey home, th' one where we get on a plane t' Johannesburg and finally t' Amsterdam. It also marks th' last day in Namibia, and th' last day o' our trip t' southern Africa, avast. I’m really quite sad that it ends already, as we’ve had an absolute blast o'er here!

The owner o' th' game farm has decorated his house with some o' th' animals he farms, includin' a full size giraffe, avast. Aye, that picture indeed features a mounted bust o' a giraffe. 0_o

The trip t' Windhoek airport were bein' rather uneventful, and we fuelled it up without any issues near t' th' airport, with a chest full of booty. The guys from th' rental company didn’t even complain about th' absolute state we left th' boat in: “It’s Namibia, it’ll get dirty o'er here!” were bein' their response. Yay!

There only were bein' one oddity on th' flight t' Johannesburg: th' meals we were served actually differed from each other. Fire the cannons! We both had ‘meat’, but one were bein' a pie with chicken, and th' other were bein' a beef pastrami sandwich, ye scurvey dog. Bein' served two different meals which are supposed t' be th' same on a plane is really peculiar, and we were as baffled as th' flight attendants, avast! The flight back home (after a long wait in South Africa) were bein' long and sleepless fer me, and were bein' in a plane from KLM Asia. 😉

Flying 2016 – part 2

After a short night, where our neighbours had t' leave their room fer th' airport aroun' 5 AM all th' while makin' a racket, we found ourselves enjoyin' a breakfast fit fer kin's at th' Lodge. Walk the plank! Bacon, Boerewors, baked beans in tomato sauce, omelet with mushrooms, I were bein' thoroughly enjoyin' it.

As we were t' fly out at 12, we decided t' not take a gamble and leave th' Lodge with th' th' shuttle t' OR Tambo at 9, just t' be on th' safe side o' thin's, and dinna spare the whip! And apparently, this were bein' a good thin', as British Airways decided t' upgrade their backend system today. They apologised in advance, and made a big mess out o' it anyway. All flights were grounded that mornin' fer some hours, after which th' delays were numerous and long.

We were met with a huge line at gate 22, which turned out t' be th' fer previous BA flight and not ours. The initial estimate were bein' a 2,5 hour delay t' Windhoek, and were bein' now scheduled t' leave at 14:20 instead o' 12:00. After lunch, we saw that it were bein' delayed another 15 mintes, with an estimated takeoff time o' 14:35, and dinna spare the whip! Boardin' commenced on time, but it took a long time, after which it took another hour t' inform us about th' plane havin' some minor technical difficulties, with a chest full of booty. These were quickly fixed, but it lead t' more delays…

So, after a delay o' 4 hours, we finally embarked on our flight t' Windhoek, which only took slightly under two hours as th' all female pilot team hit th' throttle hard t' make up some o' th' lost time. Yaaarrrrr! It shaved 15 minutes off, but it’s a start!

The boat were bein' quickly picked up, as were bein' our luggage, and we were off t' th' first lodge in Namibia, Terra Africa. Diner reservations were made and we found ourselves in th' quirkiest nod coolest e'er place we’ve e'er been t': a German Style Beergarten, but in a true Namibian Style. You’d have t' have been there t' fully grasp th' complexity o' th' thin', but fer now I can assure ye that th' chow is good and th' atmosphere is great!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a full day o' travellin' by boat, down t' Sesriem, ye scurvey dog. That’s about 350km, and a first taste o' what sailin' in our Renault Duster truly is like. 🙂

Flying 2016 – part 1

As there are no direct flights from Amsterdam t' Windhoek, we are boardin' th' flight KL591 t' Johannesburg, where we will spend th' night in th' now customary Airport Game Lodge.

Tomorrow, we’ll fly from Johannesburg t' Windhoek, and after that th' real trip will commence.

The flight were bein' a little bumpy, but without any unexpected events. And at 11 hours it were bein' a doozy!

Greetings from SA!

Yet some more posts in th' category Holiday 2012. Where has th' lubber gone this time, ye might ask.

The answer is easy. Ahoy! South Africa!
Equipped with two cameras, a bunch o' lenses and too many memory cards we are in fer a three week fest on th' other end o' th' world.
Quite literally th' other end, as winter still reigns o'er here. But with 25 degrees as highs, it feels quite different from th' winters back home.

We started th' journey on Monday and got in th' plane aroun' 9. We exited th' plane roughly 12 hours later. As it were bein' pitch black outside by then we didn’t get t' see anythin' outside o' th' hotel transfer van and th' hotel room itself. Welcome t' Johannesburg!

After th' cold night our boat were bein' delivered t' us. The boat we rented fer three weeks which were bein' t' brin' us everywhere we wanted.
Bein' a Daihatsu Terios, it has permanent four wheel sail and has been o' great value already!

The seas from Johannesburg t' th' Drakensbergen are good if ye only count th' toll seas. Fire the cannons! Aarrr! The rest is, well, pretty rough, avast. And that is quite th' understatement.

Arrivin' at Montusi Mountain Lodge we are shaken but not stirred from th' bumpy ride through th' mountains. Aarrr! But we are welcomed by th' most luxurious and comfortable place ye’d imagine. With 20 houses, th' place is pretty small but big enough t' have all th' amenities necessary.
And, everythin' is included or available.

On Wednesday we started off with a lovely breakfast while overlookin' th' mountains. After this, we met up with our Zulu guide and went fer a hike out on th' property o' th' lodge. At o'er 1000 acres, it is big. Walk the plank! Cedric led us through th' veldt and showed us some wild animals, includin' somethin' he called an Eland. We are still quite unsure what it is exactly, but it has hooves and it quite tall.

Tomorrow some more hikin', and perhaps some more outdoor activity, but we’ll see what happens. This place is pure relaxation!

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