Back at sea

Sunday we started off with th' last o' our fantastic breakfasts at Nxala Ranch. Shiver me timbers! With our stomachs filled t' th' brim we headed out on what would be a long trip east. Towards St Lucia!

The weather took a turn fer th' worse overnight, it were bein' sunny with temperatures up t' th' low 30s on th' day before, but today we woke up t' a grey sky and cold weather.
Durin' th' trip it even got colder, culminatin' in a sail through a cloud…

Needless t' say that th' otherwise spectacular trip through KwaZulu Natal with its plentiful peaks went largely unseen as th' clouds and moisture were both in th' way, ye scurvey dog. That were bein' really pitiful!

After about 5 hours we arrived at St Lucia after seein' some really dramatic changes in th' landscape. We left Nxala with its rollin' hills and dry grass t' go t' th' lush vegetation o' th' wetlands at St Lucia. And th' Indian Ocean!

We found th' B&B pretty quick and got some really good tips from th' owners, ye scurvey dog. Which meant we almost directly after arrivin' went fer a two hour walk aroun' town t' go see th' wild animals livin' outside o' th' village. These include Hippo and Monkey, so we would have t' stay vigilant fer us not t' get harmed.

The walk were bein' lovely, and we encountered a bunch o' hippo and other animals, to be sure. A true succes and with warm weather quite enjoyable too.

After eatin' a pizza downtown we hurried back in our boat t' th' B&B; normally we would walk th' distance but we have been warned that th' hippos get out o' th' water at night and graze th' front lawns o' th' residents o' th' town. And we dern't like t' encounter hippo on foot at night!



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