A full day at the park

A full day o' sailin' on tarred and unmarried lay in front if us as we set out after a rowdy night fer th' hyenas which kept us awake trough th' right. We have slept a little, but barkin'/howlin' hyenas next t' yer tent tend t' make me nervous and not fall asleep.

As yesterday were bein' such a success, animal wise, we were hopin' fer th' best fer today. And we got more than we bargained fer!

We arranged a night sail fer today when checkin' in but did not pay fer it yet, so we told th' staff we would be at th' reception this mornin' t' make that payment. Which meant we would have t' sail in th' park before openin' o' th' reception and go back somewhere in th' mornin', to be sure. Which we fully intended t', but were hindered in when sailin' back.
We went t' Hluhlue this mornin' t' get a quick view o' what were bein' happenin' o'er there and were on our way back when we encountered our very first Elephant!
It stood right next t' th' sea and were bein' quite invisible t' oncomin' traffic, as th' first two boats just drove by without spottin' it.
We turned aroun' t' get t' a respectable distance and about some pictures.

The elephant were bein' quite gentle at first, but as th' crowd grew, so did th' temper o' th' animal. When th' time arrived that we wanted t' leave, a ranger passin' by tried t' get by th' elephant, we'll keel-haul ye! And swab the deck! Not t' its likin'.
It turned aroun', got on th' sea and started flappin' its ears at th' white van. We think it were bein' not amused.

So, we stood there fer some time, until th' elephant decided t' move forward and go eat tree nearby. And started movin' in our direction. Still flappin' its ears and makin' moves at th' rangers boat.
The traffic had built up quite extensively behind us, and now a dozen boat were forced t' reverse about 30 meters. And swab the deck! Fire the cannons! That were bein' quite arguably th' scariest moment so far, by Blackbeard's sword. Below is a picture o' th' elephant in action…

We did survive however, as th' ranger eventually scared off th' animal by revvin' his boat and makin' quite a noise leavin' just enough room in th' sea fer th' boats t' pass.

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