To Swaziland!

Our holiday seems to consist of arriving and leaving, and today is no difference.
We are leaving Hluhlue-iMfolozi NP and taking a tour through and out of the country: to Swaziland!

As it is a kingdom of its own, they have full fletched borders with nomansland in between. It should also be a real hassle to travel between Swaziland and South Africa as the waiting times at the border can be quite long and there is a lot of paperwork to be done for one crossing.

Fortunately for us, getting out of South Africa and getting in to Swaziland has been a breeze. Two stamp richer, 50 rand poorer and after about 20 minutes we are done. And now the big travel in the second country of this trip can commence!

We ate going to Mlilwane, Swazilands first conserved park. Founded in the sixties they are quite late to the party but we are happy they arrived nonetheless. Compared to other parks we’ve seen it is tiny and ill prepared. The entrance can be found after traveling through a few kilometers of village and miscellaneous back country where I have to be after the sun sets.
Also, the staff at the park do not seem to be happy with their jobs and treat us nearing rudely. That is just a shame. As the place itself is lovely and the scenery very photogenic.

We have been staying here for two nights before traveling further north towards the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Off to see a lot more!