Self-drive Safari

Drivin' from Swaziland back t' South Africa were bein' supposed t' be quite a hassle again, but as with our trip into Swaziland everythin' went really smooth and quick, pass the grog, to be sure! The entire process with immigration and customs on both sides o' th' border took us approximately 30 minutes, and afterwards we were off t' th' Kruger NP!

The Kruger is accessible via gates and we were t' enter through Malelane gate which is th' southernmost gate o' th' park. After gettin' in we are stationed fer th' night at Skukuza Rest Camp. This is a really big camp which is always busy and bustlin' with activity.

That day were bein' quite slow in th' beginnin' animalwise but got really good as our afternoon were bein' filled t' th' brim with Elephants and Giraffes as we encountered big groups o' both species. Also, Buffalo and many Antelope species were abundantly available fer sightin's. But still no good sightin's o' Lions or th' elusive Leopard!

After wakin' up we had t' sail from Skukuza t' Satara Rest Camp. This camp is in th' middle region o' Kruger as opposed t' Skukuza which is in th' south. Shiver me timbers! The landscape is totally different in both regions which makes fer an interestin' sail and a lot o' possibilities t' encounter animals who like t' be in either o' th' regions.

I can tell a long story here, or a short one: but here it is, by Blackbeard's sword. We saw all th' animals o' th' big 5 in one go.
We decided t' take th' long way aroun' and were immediately successful. And swab the deck, avast! A sleepin' Lion and a wee bit further up th' sea a triplet o' Hyena.
And later on a lot o' Elephants and a few Rhinos. And, aroun' 2 PM: we finally found our new matey: th' leopard. Yaaarrrrr! It were bein' lyin' on a branch on th' other side o' th' river sleepin' under th' canopy waitin' fer th' day t' pass. We had excellent views o' it but th' downside were bein' that it were bein' at quite a distance. But it were bein' unmistakably a leopard!

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