Day 6: Back to Auckland

Today is the day we are leaving the Hokianga region and are heading back down south towards Auckland. We even venture down a little bit further, and settle for a good nights sleep in Drury.
But first: breakfast!

The trip will be around 300 km’s but as the roads over here are not quite straight the average speed will be slightly less than 100 km/h. Over the last 500km the average has been 50 km/h, and that is not counting all the stops we made!
We estimated today will be around 6 hours of travelling. and it was just about that. But what a trip it was!
This country is so outrageously beautiful, it is hard to imagine.
Rolling hills are quickly followed by luscious green pastures. A few kilometres further down the road the backdrop to all this is a mountain range which is abruptly stopped by tall cliffs and the ocean.
Somewhere in between there also is a city with 1.3 million inhabitants, we like to call Auckland.

Unfortunately for us, we arrived on the highway around Auckland during the first bits of the evening rush hour and we an countered some queuing, but as we are still on holiday there is no need to rush.
Slightly later than anticipated we arrived in the sleepy town of Drury, and the Drury Homestead B&B.
Built a long time ago from Kauri, it was recently renovated by the current owners which now rent out two of their rooms as part of the B&B business.
It is virtually self sufficient as most veggies are grown in the back yard, and the meat comes from their own flock of sheep.
What a wonderful way of life!