Day 1: The planes

Day one of our holiday starts off like many of them: by plane.
We arrived at Schiphol Airport around 10 in the morning as our flight was scheduled to leave at 1PM.
As a severe rainstorm just happened to pass over Schiphol right around the time we would take off, this event was delayed for about 15 minutes as the rain caused some traffic buildup on the airport.
Being the fifth in a row, all we could do is sit tight and wait.

Everything went well afterwards, and a short 11 hours later we found ourselves in Panama!
The layover only took 90 minutes, and so we embarked on the short flight to Costa Rica. Luckily, our luggage arrived in San José as well, so all we had to do was find our driver who was going to take us to the hotel.

It is called Hôtel Le Bergerac, and is about 2.5km from the main town centre. I guess we’ll be visiting the town tomorrow!
For now: I’d like to get rid of my jet lag, so we are turning in early today, after all: it’s nearly 4AM in Europe right now…