Day 2: Taking it easy in San José

When I say easy going, I mean easy going.
After an early start we had an appointment with the local travel agent for some more background information on our trip and Costa Rica in general.

The travel agent advised us to walk through the center of San José as most touristic destinations are within a few hundred metres of each other. Unfortunately, as today is a Sunday, most of them were closed or otherwise occupied.
The market for instance, closes really early on a Sunday, and the national theatre houses a local festival with concerts of Costa Rican orchestra’s.
We decided to relax some more and just enjoy the scenic town itself.

The afternoon was for the majority spent sitting around the hotel. How easy going can you be?

Tomorrow an even earlier start for us: Tortuguero is the next destination!
Loads of means of transportation: ranging from buses to boats it is going to be a long haul.