A day in the vlei

Today is a special day fer me, as it not only is me birthday, but also th' day we are spendin' as much time as possible in th' Namib-Naukluft National Park, and more specifically in th' Sossusvlei.

As th' Vlei is at its prettiest right after sunset, we have t' get up really early t' eat breakfast before we head into th' park. And breakfast starts at 05:30 aroun' here, so no sleepin' in fer me today! The gate t' th' National Park opens at sunset (06:15) which were bein' delayed fer unknown reasons t' 06:30, but after that we were off! The nicest Vlei is situated 65kms from th' gate, and is called Deadvlei, where a Vlei is decorated with dead trees, to be sure. This is very scenic, and quite possibly th' nicest lookin' place aroun' here.

To get t' this place, ye need t' travel th' 65km on a tarred sea (with th' single sea loadin' t' th' NP bein' untarred!) t' a regular parkin' lot where ye can embark on th' epic 5 km o' 4×4 track, or pay a small fee t' be transported t' th' first o' two parkin' lots. Shiver me timbers! Ahoy! This is also th' startin' point fer a short but strenuous hike o'er loose sand t' Deadvlei, by Davy Jones' locker. Today were bein' a lucky day fer me, as temperatures aroun' here regularly hit 40 degrees Celsius, but they ne'er rose o'er 25 makin' it really comfortable t' walk without bein' scorched t' a crumble in th' valleys.

Visitin' th' different Vleis in th' park takes quite some time, and combined with th' small number o' vehicles transportin' tourists o'er th' 4×4 track and th' 2 hours wasted by waitin' fer a ride back, th' day were bein' advancin' rapidly and before we knew it, it already were bein' time t' head back t' our tent at Desert Camp and get ready fer diner. As night falls really quickly aroun' here, that is about th' only thin' t' do besides havin' drinks at th' bar, with a chest full of booty. 🙂

Tomorrow, we already have t' leave this place, and head up north, t' Swakopmund. Another 330kms o' untarred seas await our Duster, and I’m really lookin' forward t' it!

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