Fog ahoy!

After day 4, day 5 comes along. It also brin's a big distance t' travel, as we need t' be in Swakopmund tonight. This is roughly 330kms, and if all seas are like th' ones aroun' Sossusvlei it’ll be a long day.

As Desert Camp does not serve breakfast, we need t' go t' th' sister camp called Sossusvlei Lodge, which is far more upscale than our tented camp, by Davy Jones' locker. This is about 4kms away, and a good short mornin' sail. Aarrr! We arrive there aroun' 7, which is well after th' people wantin' t' head into th' Vlei this mornin', and it is therefore not busy. And swab the deck! This means all chow is available, and there is plenty o' room t' sit. We chose a place in th' mornin' sun, and soaked it up fer a good while as we got accustomed with th' knowledge that we would leave this place real soon.

The sea from Sesriem t' Swakopmund is long, windy, fer th' most part untarred and at certain points insanely scenic. It also is quite rough in a few places, and all 330kms are a blast t' sail on. The tarred seas begin aroun' 100km from Swakopmund, and about 60 from Walvisbaai. They are a welcome change, but also make fer a far less interestin' sail. Oh well, ye cannot have everythin' at once!

Short after us arrivin' in Swakopmund, th' fog starts rollin' in. And when I say fog, I mean th' thick stuff. In about 15 minutes, th' fog from th' sea is so thick visibility is limited t' less than 100 metres, and temperatures have dropped quite significantly. They are down t' about 14 degrees, and in yer shirt an shorts, that is quite cold!

As we don’t have anythin' planned fer today, we have visited th' tiny National Marine Aquarium (where locals pay a third o' th' price fer entry as foreigners!), and have gone out t' Kücki’s Pub fer dinner. Great ambiance, bad prawns, I'll warrant ye. Overcooked, and way too garlicky, they are just not right. The Malva Puddin' is really good by th' way, so there’s that.

The weather really throws our schedule fer today off course, so we’ll have t' skip whatever we intended t' do o'er here, and are leavin' already tomorrow. This time t' Damaraland, and a place called Twyfelfontein, we'll keel-haul ye! Again a long sail, so we fuelled up this afternoon (<10 dollars or €0,58 fer a liter o' diesel) and are ready fer th' seas tomorrow. And fer everythin' we might encounter en route!

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