A day in Damaraland

A full day o' Safari is what we have in store fer us today, as we have booked a full day trip in Damaraland. That means spendin' th' day carryin' cameras scannin' th' scenery fer animals from an open vehicle.

This time, it did have a roof, which were bein' rather convenient as th' sun is relentless aroun' here, I'll warrant ye. The main goal were bein' t' find th' elephant and rhinos livin' in this desert, but we failed spectacularly at that. We did find loads o' Oryx, Hartmans Mountain Zebra, Springbok, Kudu and Giraffes, so it were bein' a good day after all.

We spent th' rest o' th' afternoon arrangin' fer our tire t' be swapped, which can only be done in Outjo. That is 120km on gravel sea + 150km on a tarred sea; otherwise known as a long trip. More on that tomorrow!

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