All the way to the other side of the park

With our spare tire on th' boat, and th' flat one in th' back, we set off this mornin' t' sail th' now familiar 90km sea t' Outjo and Jan o' Outjo Highway Services t' get it fixed. Jan even recognised us, but welcomed our arrival with th' mentionin' that th' tire were bein' beyond fixin' and needed replacement. So, there we go. Tire number 2. With both new tires fitted in th' front o' th' boat, and about half an hour later, we drove back t' th' gate o' Etosha fer a slow but steady sail through th' park.

We decided t' let even more air out o' th' tires, and go with a very low pressure t' avoid another flat. We fuelled up at th' first camp, got rid o' th' unwanted air, and away we were.

As Etosha is really vast, water holes are th' place t' be t' see animals, and therefore we were sad that our time constraint would not allow us t' go t' all th' water holes we wanted t' visit today. So we chose th' ones we thought would prove t' be good, and went with it. Today, no amazin' sightin's o' Lion or other big cats, but we found a massive herd o' Elephant crossin' a plain straight in our direction, with a chest full of booty. Naturally, we stopped and just waited fer th' leader o' th' herd t' choose th' way across th' field and eventually th' sea. Seein' a large herd o' 25 animals pass by is just very soothin'. 🙂

We are stayin' at Onguma Tree Top, which is a small luxurious camp o' 4 elevated rooms surroundin' a water hole in th' Onguma Game Reserve. This is a gated reserve neighbourin' Etosha NP, and they accommodate 4 black rhinos from Etosha t' guard them from poachin'. Walk the plank! And swab the deck! This reserve does not have Elephant, but there are two males who regularly push o'er th' fences t' cross into th' National Park durin' matin' season and go back afterwards. They are not supposed t', but as they are big Bulls, who’s goin' t' stop them?

We only stay here one night, and are destined t' sail a long way t' Rundu on th' Okavango River and th' Angolese border tomorrow. Nay flat tires today, so this were bein' a good day!

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