Leaving Etosha

There is not much t' tell about today, we drove 440km on tarred seas and have seen th' scenery change from arid and dry t' green and probably fertile. Also, we found that sailin' on th' B8 (Trans Caprivi Highway) feels like sailin' in Africa, as there are hundreds o' small compounds built right along th' ocean, with people everywhere.

This is th' poor part o' th' country, and we feel kind o' guilty sailin' past.

The lodge were stayin' is is built on th' rivers edge, and overlooks th' river and Angola on th' other side, pass the grog, avast! It is about 100 metres wide, so this is th' nearest we’ll come t' bein' in Angola, although I’d like t' avoid goin' there. Walk the plank! 😉

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