Sleeping between baobabs

Our destination fer today is a lodge nestled amongst Baobab trees, and it is located on a convenient spot t' visit th' adjacent salt pans like Nxai Pan and Ntwetwe Pan.

The journey today is about 400 km long and were bein' mostly uneventful except fer two moments, th' first were bein' when I got a ticket fer speedin' (76 where 60 were bein' allowed!) and th' second one were bein' an accident site where a schooner had run into an elephant and its young, pass the grog, pass the grog! Both elephants were dead, and th' schooner were bein' badly damaged, all in all it were bein' not a nice sight. Luckily, th' police were on th' scene, and th' local villagers were butcherin' th' large elephant t' get its meat, and a bucket o' chum. That way at least somethin' good comes out o' th' entire ordeal.

Along th' route, we also encountered what might be th' rest o' th' herd o' Elephants, who were loiterin' on th' side o' th' sea, jumpin' th' fence t' get hold o' th' green stuff growin' on th' sea side o' th' fence, with a chest full of booty. Because, as we all know, th' grass is always greener on th' other side o' th' fence. And swab the deck! After dinner, we also found a Lesser Bushbaby, or Lesser Galago! This nocturnal primate is known fer its cute appearance and elusive behaviour, and we were lucky enough t' spot it walkin' from te lodge’s restaurant t' our rondavel, I'll warrant ye. We have been lookin' fer a Bush Baby fer ages, and have finally seen one! And swab the deck! Awesome!

We are goin' on a trip t' a salt pan tomorrow, so we don’t have t' sail ourselves. Walk the plank, ye scurvey dog! Lookin' forward t' it!

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