Our first week is nearing it's close

After doing pretty much nothing yesterday, today was very much active.
We went to La Chapelle en Valgaudemar, and some further to reach a hotel sitting on a perking rock, looking out over the two stretches of valley it was sitting in.
The road to the hotel was terrible, very small and treacherously high without decent side protection. One could very easily drop off and tumble a few hundred meters down. Anyway, we survived that.

The trip went to a small lake, Lac du Lauzon, which was about a 90 minute trip one-way, and about an hour back. It was filled (the trip, not the lake) with lovely scenery and great views. Below a small assorti of the 250 shots we made together. 😉

Oh, and not to forget this: below our view of our part of Gap, when all trees would be cut down. 🙂

Pics from France

We went for a walk today, from and to the Col de Gleize.
About 1600+ meters of col, ready for me to drive to in my trusty Clio.

It’s like my dad said, those French will drive to anywhere. Including a 800 metre ascend on the tiniest of roads. Let’s say there were just wide enough to fit my car. 🙂

We saw this tiny walkway up to a thing called Pic de Gleize, which was about 500 meters higher. We went up there, and it was great!
The wildlife was astonishing, with lots of butterflies, lizards and even alpine marmots!

The marmot was about 15 meters away from us, and was silently sitting there, like he knew we were ok people, but he (?) didn’t fully trust us.
It’s a privilege to be able to come that close to wildlife like that. Needless to say, it was a total fluke for me to find the marmot, as I looked over a ledge for actually once the entire 3 hour trip.  😉

We’ve not dicided what to do tomorrow yet, but when the pics are nice, I’ll share them 😀

Well, I was wrong…

So we went to France, right?

We figured our camping just had to be filled with those French people, talking nothing but french to us. And we figured it would be really old-school and dirty all over.
In short, we’re wrong.

I’m typing this right now from our campsite, sitting on a remarkably well-kept part of the campsite, with the impression of those French to be quite nice people.

To further sum up our stay: it’s not as sunny as we hoped for, not as warm as we hoped for, and not as mountany as we hoped for.
Maybe I’ll post some pics soon!

I'm offline!

After the previous post of me getting all things sorted out with my current ISP, the title of this blogpost just had to be similar.

Well, as you can read on your right, it’s my holiday!
I’m off for two weeks total, and will be hiking somewhere in the French Alps.

Will be back by September 1st! 🙂