Well, I was wrong…

So we went to France, right?

We figured our camping just had to be filled with those French people, talking nothing but french to us. And we figured it would be really old-school and dirty all over.
In short, we’re wrong.

I’m typing this right now from our campsite, sitting on a remarkably well-kept part of the campsite, with the impression of those French to be quite nice people.

To further sum up our stay: it’s not as sunny as we hoped for, not as warm as we hoped for, and not as mountany as we hoped for.
Maybe I’ll post some pics soon!

3 thoughts on “Well, I was wrong…”

  1. Dude…

    You’re camping and using internet?

    That’s just wrong 🙂

    And stay far away from those frenchies! They’re evil.

  2. On holiday and then using your computer; Maarten do you not use the internet often enough outside the holiday? 😉

  3. Well, technology is everywhere nowadays…
    The weather has turned out really great today, lots of sun and a merry 25 degrees celcius.
    Yay with the brown skin!

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