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The second week in France, part III

Today has been pretty much exhausting, which is partly due to the fact our bed in our mobile home really sucks and partly due to the fact that getting up early and walking for almost five hours in the blistering… Continue Reading →

The second week in France, part II

The following Monday, a major undertaking was on the schedule. We would drive all the way to the other side of the Parc des Ecrins (which is the reserve we’re in by the way) to La Grave. A two hour… Continue Reading →

The second week in France, part I

A major update today: I’m posting a bunch of pictures we made over the past few days, arranged by day. Sunday, we went for a short stroll ‘just around the corner’ from us, which ended up being a gigantic detour… Continue Reading →

One lazy afternoon

As today has been primarily resting after the day before, I’m both too busy doing generally nothing and too lazy to post something decent. Until the time I’m ready for some proper blogging, you’ll have to have fun on the… Continue Reading →

Our first week is nearing it's close

After doing pretty much nothing yesterday, today was very much active. We went to La Chapelle en Valgaudemar, and some further to reach a hotel sitting on a perking rock, looking out over the two stretches of valley it was… Continue Reading →

Pics from France

We went for a walk today, from and to the Col de Gleize. About 1600+ meters of col, ready for me to drive to in my trusty Clio. It’s like my dad said, those French will drive to anywhere. Including… Continue Reading →

Well, I was wrong…

So we went to France, right? We figured our camping just had to be filled with those French people, talking nothing but french to us. And we figured it would be really old-school and dirty all over. In short, we’re… Continue Reading →

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