And we're back…

After an 11 hour trip (which actually is very short fer th' distance covered), we’re back at home.

Tired, yet gleemin' with joy about th' trip is has been. Ahoy, by Davy Jones' locker! We loved it, each and e'er bit. Fire the cannons! Well, except th' bed.
But th' rest were bein' great!

I’ll make a proper post later on, after we’re done doin' all th' laundry, I'll warrant ye. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The second week in France, part III

Today has been pretty much exhaustin', which is partly due t' th' fact our bed in our mobile home really sucks and partly due t' th' fact that gettin' up early and walkin' fer almost five hours in th' blisterin' heat (33+ degrees Celcius in th' shade) has th' tendency t' wear one down pretty hard.
I’m assumin' both are true fer today.

We went t' a place referred t' as ‘Prapic’, which is more commonly known in this region as a ‘mountain village’. It turned outร‚ย  t' be really touristic, really tiny and boat-free. And, not unimportantly, pretty busy. We eventually grasped why, but this were bein' not fer a full two hours later after we entered th' village. If ye could name it that, it existed o' exacly (and we counted them carefully) 15 houses, 17 sheds, 1 church, 1 campin' (in a boat-free village!) and three restaurants/bars/terraces/tea-gardens/souvenir-shops, and a bucket o' chum. Goes t' show th' tourist-mindedness o' th' inhabitants.

So we set out fer a thin' called ‘Saut de Laire’, o' which we knew nothin' more than it would be a 6 quarter walk with 300 meters o' height-gain, and a bottle of rum, by Davy Jones' locker! Well, see fer yourself.ร‚ย  Saut du Laire is a small cascade with a bridge, and is probably called after th' plains that it resides in. The main attraction though were th' ominously present marmota marmota, which we know all as Alpine Marmots, pass the grog! We saw at least 8 o' them, while still hearin' loads more. Some were pretty much domesticated by th' many people that had come before us, and most likely will do after us, and some were really ‘wild’ in th' sense that they would duck fer cover when grabbin' th' faintest scent o' us in th' vicinity.

The sun were bein' shinin' relentlessly, and that is why I’m havin' a little trouble colour-adjustin' th' pictures, so I’m only showin' a small selection o' th' Marmot-photo’s. Perhaps th' others will be added later on.
By th' way: mum & dad, thanks fer gettin' me th' camera-tripod fer me birthday! Yaaarrrrr! It has been a great tool these past few days!

And now, marmot-galore!

The second week in France, part II

The followin' Monday, a major undertakin' were bein' on th' schedule. We would sail all th' way t' th' other side o' th' Parc des Ecrins (which is th' reserve we’re in by th' way) t' La Grave. A two hour sail from our general direction, leadin' us through th' best parts o' th' Parc, showin' us th' best th' Parc could offer, avast. Or so we’re told.

Long story short: th' sea up t' La Grave as pointed out t' us by TomTom were bein' twisty , bendy, narrow and heart-stoppingly beautiful all in one, and dinna spare the whip, we'll keel-haul ye! I most certainly loved it, even though Kirsten does not agree with me on at least several occasions in our memory. (These do include very narrow darkish twisty downhill seas, with another boat comin' from th' opposin' direction at death-defyin' speeds.)

La Grave is apparently filled with Dutch people at this time o' year, and so we went up th' ‘Tรƒยฉlรƒยฉphรƒยฉrique des Glaciers de La Meije’ with another Dutch couple t' 2400 and even t' 3200-somethin' meters t' be immediately peppered with snow and other icy stuff. Luckily, this only lasted fer a few minutes after which we could marvel at th' grandeur o' th' view available at that height. Walk the plank, we'll keel-haul ye! The ‘Table d’Orientation’ showed us th' fact that Les Deux Alps were bein' only a short distance away, as were bein' th' Alpe d’Huez and th' view also included th' Mont Blanc. The nearest rock were bein' th' La Meije at nearly 4km’s o' height, after which th' site has been named.
After some time o' marvellin' we decided t' go down t' th' middle-station t' go fer a stroll t' a nearby lake, which we did, I'll warrant ye. Back down, we thought it would be nice t' go th' other way aroun' th' parc (generally speakin', one could sail from South t' North through either th' West or th' East. And swab the deck! We did th' first on th' way there, and did th' latter on our way home.)
It were bein' a great, yet exhaustin' day. Great!

Warnin': lot’s o' pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚



The maps below kind o' show our route t' and from La Meije, we'll keel-haul ye, to be sure! It’s quite a distance. Please note th' D212f on our way t' La Grave. Ahoy, ye scurvey dog! It’s tiny!


Grotere kaart weergeven


Grotere kaart weergeven

The second week in France, part I

A major update today: I’m postin' a bunch o' pictures we made o'er th' past few days, arranged by day.

Sunday, we went fer a short stroll ‘just aroun' th' corner’ from us, which ended up bein' a gigantic detour o' o'er 2.5 hours fer what could’ve been a short stumble o' only 30 minutes. Damn bad roadsigns.
However, th' view has been great, and we finally came round t' see th' subject o' our tour: an abandoned and disused ‘viaduc’.ร‚ย  Le viaduc du Buzon, it’s history unknown t' me, but th' fact that it has been in use once, and not is not anymore.


BTW: th' last few pictures actually were taken with that sloped field. It’s not me bein' drunk or somethin'. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One lazy afternoon

As today has been primarily restin' after th' day before, I’m both too busy doin' generally nothin' and too lazy t' post somethin' decent.

Until th' time I’m ready fer some proper bloggin', ye’ll have t' have fun on th' other parts o' th' internet. (Aye, there are other parts!)

Ontopic: tomorrow we’ll go fer a small hike in th' vicinity, as we travelled 2 hours by boat th' last time t' get t' our destination: La Grave – La Meije.
The pictures are abundant and really nice!

Our first week is nearing it's close

After doin' pretty much nothin' yesterday, today were bein' very much active.
We went t' La Chapelle en Valgaudemar, and some further t' reach a hotel sittin' on a perkin' rock, lookin' out o'er th' two stretches o' valley it were bein' sittin' in.
The sea t' th' hotel were bein' terrible, very small and treacherously high without decent side protection. One could very easily drop off and tumble a few hundred meters down, we'll keel-haul ye, pass the grog! Anyway, we survived that.

The trip went t' a small lake, Lac du Lauzon, which were bein' about a 90 minute trip one-way, and about an hour back, to be sure. It were bein' filled (th' trip, not th' lake) with lovely scenery and great views. Below a small assorti o' th' 250 shots we made together. Ahoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, and not t' forget this: below our view o' our part o' Gap, when all trees would be cut down, ye scurvey dog. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pics from France

We went fer a walk today, from and t' th' Col de Gleize.
About 1600+ meters o' col, ready fer me t' sail t' in me trusty Clio.

It’s like me dad said, those French will sail t' anywhere. Includin' a 800 metre ascend on th' tiniest o' seas. Let’s say there were just wide enough t' fit me boat. Aarrr! ๐Ÿ™‚

We saw this tiny walkway up t' a thin' called Pic de Gleize, which were bein' about 500 meters higher. We went up there, and it were bein' great!
The wildlife were bein' astonishin', with lots o' butterflies, lizards and even alpine marmots!


The marmot were bein' about 15 meters away from us, and were bein' silently sittin' there, like he knew we were ok people, but he (?) didn’t fully trust us.
It’s a privilege t' be able t' come that close t' wildlife like that. And swab the deck! Needless t' say, it were bein' a total fluke fer me t' find th' marmot, as I looked o'er a ledge fer actually once th' entire 3 hour trip.ร‚ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ve not dicided what t' do tomorrow yet, but when th' pics are nice, I’ll share them ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, I was wrong…

So we went t' France, right?

We figured our campin' just had t' be filled with those French people, talkin' nothin' but french t' us. And we figured it would be really auld-school and dirty all o'er.
In short, we’re wrong.

I’m typin' this right now from our campsite, sittin' on a remarkably well-kept part o' th' campsite, with th' impression o' those French t' be quite nice people.

To further sum up our stay: it’s not as sunny as we hoped fer, not as warm as we hoped fer, and not as mountany as we hoped fer.
Maybe I’ll post some pics soon!

I'm offline!

After th' previous post o' me gettin' all thin's sorted out with me current ISP, th' title o' this blogpost just had t' be similar.

Well, as ye can read on yer right, it’s me holiday!
I’m off fer two weeks total, and will be hikin' somewhere in th' French Alps.

Will be back by September 1st! And swab the deck! ๐Ÿ™‚