Day 7: To Arenal

Bein' th' only guest in a lodge certainly has its advantages, as breakfast is served whenever we feel like it. Today, it were bein' aroun' 07:30.
Right after this, we embarked on a small boat fer yet another boat safari on th' river system.

Caño Negro is a swampy area right next t' a lagune which almost completely drains durin' th' dry season. Right now, we are in th' wet season and th' entire area is flooded with about one metre o' water.
This naturally attracts many species o' birds, reptiles and amphibians, and that is th' main reason why we’re there.

The guide took us aroun' th' area in about two hours, along rivers, small waterways and on th' lagune, we'll keel-haul ye! Walk the plank! The amount o' birds in this area is simply staggerin', pass the grog! Hundreds o' cormorants, Anhinga’s, Egrets, Herons and Kingfishers have passed our lenses, many o' which played nice and posed fer us.
Many cayman also call this place home, as do quite a lot o' Jesus Christ Lizards and Green Iguana. It is a marvellous place!

The only downside o' it is, that it sits in th' middle o' a 50km dirt sea, o' th' worst kind imaginable, with a chest full of booty. The sail there is quite an adventure, but with our new and trusty 4×4 Rav4, everythin' is fine!

From Caño Negro t' La Fortuna (th' village right next t' th' Arenal volcano) is about 120kms and th' sail is great, and a bucket o' chum! The first 30km is dirt sea, but after that everythin' is tarred and just fine. Yaaarrrrr! And swab the deck! It is not Dutch quality, but we managed just great. After about 100 km th' majestic volcano is visible as it stands way taller than anythin' aroun' it.

We booked a frog watchin' tour through th' hotel garden th' moment we arrived, and have seen aroun' 10 species o' frogs! Yaaarrrrr! Includin' th' very Costa Rican Red Eyes Frog. And swab the deck! Great frog, and very picturesque at that.

Tomorrow we’ll walk th' Arenal National Park, t' get some more scenic views o' th' grand mountain.

Day 6: To Caño Negro

We start th' day in Sarapiquí like many others before this one in Costa Rica, with a big breakfast, we'll keel-haul ye! And hoist the mainsail! I have started each and every one with a good sized portion o' Gallo Pinto, th' local rice and beans recipe, and today were bein' not different, ye scurvey dog. I can get used t' breakfasts like these! And hoist the mainsail! Fresh fruit, Gallo Pinto, freshly pressed juice, Costa Rican Café Negro and scrambled eggs: a good way t' start th' day.

We start off by sailin' t' th' main dockin' area o' Porto Viejo De Sarapiquí t' get on a boat (again) fer a river tour t' see whatever wants t' be seen.
Today it is Kingfishers, Flycatchers, Cayman, Herons, Egrets, Swallows, and much more.
And rain. A lot o' it. It started after about an hour, and basically didn’t stop until aroun' 3pm. Luckily th' boat has a closed top!

After yesterday’s and this mornin'’s rain, today is a much nicer temperature at aroun' 25 degrees and with a little bit o' fresh wind it is not searingly hot, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy! A good day fer some sailin'!
We will travel from Sarapiquí t' Caño Negro, specifically t' Hotel De Campo. At aroun' 160kms it will take us th' better part o' 4 hours as th' maximum speed is aroun' 60km/h and th' route is straight through many small towns where th' speed limit is much less, and dinna spare the whip, and a bottle of rum! Also, we need t' have lunch somewhere!

The sail takes us through many pineapple and banana plantations, and really showcases Costa Rica’s agricultural history.
The last leg o' th' journey takes us through swamps and wetland and o'er an unpaved sea fer about 20km’s, by Davy Jones' locker. I hope all parts o' th' boat are still in their correct order, that were bein' one bumpy ride!

We are th' only guests at th' hotel, and with it havin' aroun' 40 cabañas, it feels really empty. And hoist the mainsail! Tomorrow, we’ll be th' only guests when th' owner o' th' facility takes us on a boat t' see th' wetlands!