Christmas presents (2015)

A new year has nearly come to an end, which inevitably means new Christmas presents were to be found under the celebratory tree.
The kind folks at Lego have created two more lovely sets of Lego Technic, and both have come to my house. Even gift wrapped!
I’m particularly looking forward to 42043, which has the first implementation of the new hydraulic system. Yay for progress!



Christmas presents! (2013)

Another year, and yet again I have treated myself to a couple of sets of Lego.

This year, the two largest 2013-models: 42008 and 42009!
I’m afraid they’ll have to wait for my return in January. 😉

42008 – Service Truck

42008 – Crane Truck with Semi-trailer (B-model)

42009 – Mobile Crane MK II

42009 – Reach Stacker (B-model)

Christmas presents! (2009)

This year the floor beneath our  Christmas tree has been riddled with presents, many more than last year. I don’t know why, but the festivities spurred an unknown generosity among the both of us.

Therefore, this year brought me not one but two sets of Lego!
I can thank my GF for both the 8297 and the magnificent 8258.

Below are some stock-pictures of the two, I’ll add my own later on. 🙂

8297 – Off Roader

8297 – Buggy (B-Model)

8258 – Crane Truck

8258 – Duty Wrecker (B-Model)

Note: there also are two very large (and very nice) pics of the 8258:
Huge overview