August has arrived

It being the first day of the new month always lets me reflect the previous month. A lot of stuff has happened in July, of which not all was good.

At this very moment though, the guy from the supplier is installing our lavabo and the previously mentioned accessories and he’s due to be done in a few hours.
I’m really eager to see what it’s like and how it fits in the small space that is our bathroom.

Luckily, I’ve been able to get past all Oracle-install issues and finally got DBXE, SoaSuite, JDev and BAM running one the very same box.
All is working well, and with being released just a few days ago, I’m due to do some more installing and upgrading soon. I’ll post some hints and tips to do some tedious jobs when installing the software, as it nearly always fails to install properly on the first try. 😉

*runs to the coffee machine*

Bathroom: done! – update IV

After a quiet period, the unexpected has happened: our lavabo has been delivered to our supplier!

TheY gave me a call a few minutes ago asking whether they could deliver it sometime this afternoon.
Yeah right, ‘some time’. It should be between 16:30 and 16:45, or else would it not be delivered before Friday afternoon. Out goes all flexibility…

I’ll be heading off from work early today, which is only a good thing as my Oracle-installation has been giving me nightmares the last few days.
I’m trying to get DBXE, Soa Suite and BAM on one machine working, which is kind of a pain in the proverbial butt.

Oh well, we’ll see. Tonight some pics I hope!