Daily report

Our final report is getting along nicely, and after persuading Microsoft Word to follow my intentions which has caused quite a bit of a headache at times, it also not only looks nice but has the right chapter-numbering.
I hope we will be releasing the report in a short while, for you all to read and gloat upon. It will contain the already published ‘papers’, and some more pieces we created during the process of getting to this point. Being subject to change at this point I will not be able to show you any preliminary results but I can tell that a lot of familiar things can and will be seen in the report.
We hope to get to the v1.0 on Sunday, although other work might postpone this by a day. Monday is our final deadline so it will be ready by then.

Tomorrow, or today for those who keep track of this post’s time, yet another meeting is planned, so I will be checking back in pretty soon.