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Temporarily busy

Yes, my life being a student does have it’s rough edges from time to time. After getting graded an 8 for our seminar-document (which is kind of depressing considering the good comments we received during the seminar, and the bulky… Continue Reading →

One document to rule them all

Getting things done has to be, by far, the nicest thing a student can achieve. Today, roughly an hour before the deadline that is just what happened to me and my co-workers, we’ve gone final! Yes, you’ve read it right;… Continue Reading →

Frantic times

When you’ve been to college (of any form: MBO, HBO, WO, other) you probably know the drill: several hours before the deadline some frantic work is done to get everything in order to meet the final deadline set by your… Continue Reading →

Yet another meeting

Today, we had the second meeting this week, this time it was about the documents we handed in last Monday. Our professor handed us some pointers to create better documents, and these will most definitely be taken into account over… Continue Reading →

Daily report

Our final report is getting along nicely, and after persuading Microsoft Word to follow my intentions which has caused quite a bit of a headache at times, it also not only looks nice but has the right chapter-numbering. I hope… Continue Reading →

Closing time

It’s just one of those times in your life as a student this week: the final week is neigh so the professors are or have been contemplating the final deliverables and our professor for the seminar is no exception to… Continue Reading →

To continue

Yesterday was our session with our professor, and although one of my teammembers had to be somewhere else, it turned out to be a pretty useful session after all. To get back to my previous post: the professor was slightly… Continue Reading →

Questions posed

Tomorrow, the seminar-class has been canceled as our professor is attending a seminar of his own. It has been rescheduled to Thursday I’ll come back to that then. While our professor is currently out of town, and even out of… Continue Reading →

It took a while…

But then it became clear to all of us: our professor is just trying to get our possible findings published! (And he is right too! 😀 ) Anyway, today we had the group-session in which the semi-definitive object became clearer…. Continue Reading →

Group sessions are ahead

Tomorrow is a big day in the seminar: it’s the day the groups (3 in total) all have separate, semi-individual while in a group, sessions with our professor. Here, we have to lay out our strategy to tackle the problem… Continue Reading →

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