Closing time

If all goes well today, I’m due t' hand in me thesis this afternoon, aroun' 3pm. About 4 t' 6 weeks after that, I will graduate after a graduation-session, where me supervisors will try t' ask all kinds o' tough questions.
I’m lookin' forward t' it! 🙂

Until then, I’ll be workin' at Ordina. My first week is also nearin' completion, th' Clio is great!

/me is done!

Whoa, that feels nice!

I’m (finally) done waitin' fer th' approval fer me graduation! I’ve set up an appointment t' deal with all th' bureaucratic hassle that has t' be dealt with at th' university, but I’m not goin' t' change a single letter o' me thesis anymore.

Done! yay!

Update (2008-04-07): I’ve had t' reschedule th' appointment t' Thursday April 10th. I hope this will be th' final appointment!

Being AWOL

As o' today, yer most favorited blogger is back.
I went AWOL last week, t' rest a bit and generally do a whole lot o' nothin'.

So I did, and today I returned t' th' daily business o' travellin' t' and from Nieuwegein. Shiver me timbers, and dinna spare the whip! I’m really nearin' completion o' th' thesis, so I’ll be postin' updates soon!

Only 2 months to go

The first o' November is a milestone date fer me.
It’s only 2 short months away from th' deadline fer me master thesis, and I’m kind o' shaky acknowledgin' this.

So far, I’m still goin' as planned, with me thesis progressin' as scheduled.

My portal quality framework is takin' shape real quick and th' validation stage is near, pass the grog! I’ll be keepin' ye posted when need be!


Today has been a big day in me, so far very short, career.

My internship has been approved! I will be busy writin' me masterthesis at Ordina, a leadin' company when talkin' about SOA and SOA-integration. My job is t' write a thesis which not only will grant me a degree at me university, but one that will satisfy th' need at Ordina fer certain knowledge.
So far, I’m still tryin' t' find an optimal subject fer me t' write about.

I’m currently still debatin', continuin' with a longlist o' 9 subjects. I will narrow it down t' about 2 or 3 subjects t' make me final decision. Also, I found meself a thesis-supervisor at th' university, mr. Guah. The ornery cuss will be responsible fer th' approval o' me thesis, and support me when needed.

These two combined make up a great week fer me, I hope it’ll be like this fer quite some time.

Temporarily busy

Aye, me life bein' a student does have it’s rough edges from time t' time.
After gettin' graded an 8 fer our seminar-document (which is kind o' depressin' considerin' th' good comments we received durin' th' seminar, and th' bulky document we’ve come up with. I know, quantity is not quality, but we’ve tried t' be as complete as we could. Fire the cannons, pass the grog! I’ve got a slight suspicion we’ve been "undergraded" as we’ve not only doubted th' course itself, we’ve also come up with a solution which doesn’t fit our professor’s views fully.
However, I’m not moanin' o'er it as it would be childish t' moan at an 8; but it would have been nice t' get a higher grade in comparison t' th' other groups.)

Anyway, that were bein' not why I’m about t' post this: it’s because o' me probable inactivity th' next couple o' days (weeks maybe?) as I’m currently very busy readin' and studyin' fer th' upcomin' exams. Aye, both o' them.

Maybe I’ll post some stuff that’s catchin' me interest sooner or later, so far I’m not sure when that’ll be.
Thanks fer readin' this now. To shamelessly quote some Austrian lubber:

I’ll be back!


Frantic times

When ye’ve been t' college (o' any form: MBO, HBO, WO, other) ye probably know th' drill: several hours before th' deadline some frantic work is done t' get everythin' in order t' meet th' final deadline set by yer teacher.
For us, this were bein' just th' case yesterday and today, however it wasn’t fer th' seminar. Fire the cannons! And hoist the mainsail! As our final meetin' is on Thursday, th' regular Monday-deadline is postponed t' Wednesday (we figure), but we strive t' deliver a finished document as early as Tuesday 23:59 PM. This way we are a day early, a day in which we can enjoy th' sweetness o' knowin' this course is completed and all th' hard work is done.

The final document is shapin' up t' be quite hefty, at this point we’ve already surpassed th' 75-pages marker, and are steadily headin' fer th' 100. I hope we’ll stay under th' 100 pages, t' at least give th' impression we’ve been editin' th' document t' fit under th' 100.
Aesthetics put aside; th' final document will be published here fer ye all t' read.
Right now, I’m headin' fer me bed as tomorrow is (again) filled with college; yes th' whole 4 hours o' it!
I apologize fer th' large gap betwixt this one and me previous post, I were bein' not bein' helped by th' outage o' me internet-connection th' past couple o' days, I know I will be sendin' a complaint about it not bein' fixed within 24 hours.

Yet another meeting

Today, we had th' second meetin' this week, this time it were bein' about th' documents we handed in last Monday. Our professor handed us some pointers t' create better documents, and these will most definitely be taken into account o'er th' next few days.

I’m pretty tired right now so I’ll leave it at this, tomorrow there’s a great deal o' work cut out fer me, includin' work fer th' seminar. Bear with me here.

Daily report

Our final report is gettin' along nicely, and after persuadin' Microsoft Word t' follow me intentions which has caused quite a bit o' a headache at times, it also not only looks nice but has th' right chapter-numberin'.
I hope we will be releasin' th' report in a short while, fer ye all t' read and gloat upon. It will contain th' already published ‘papers’, and some more pieces we created durin' th' process o' gettin' t' this point. Bein' subject t' change at this point I will not be able t' show ye any preliminary results but I can tell that a lot o' familiar thin's can and will be seen in th' report.
We hope t' get t' th' v1.0 on Sunday, although other work might postpone this by a day. Monday is our final deadline so it will be ready by then.

Tomorrow, or today fer those who keep track o' this post’s time, yet another meetin' is planned, so I will be checkin' back in pretty soon.