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Closing time

If all goes well today, I’m due to hand in my thesis this afternoon, around 3pm. About 4 to 6 weeks after that, I will graduate after a graduation-session, where my supervisors will try to ask all kinds of tough… Continue Reading →

/me is done!

Whoa, that feels nice! I’m (finally) done waiting for the approval for my graduation! I’ve set up an appointment to deal with all the bureaucratic hassle that has to be dealt with at the university, but I’m not going to… Continue Reading →

Being AWOL

As of today, your most favorited blogger is back. I went AWOL last week, to rest a bit and generally do a whole lot of nothing. So I did, and today I returned to the daily business of travelling to… Continue Reading →

Only 2 months to go

The first of November is a milestone date for me. It’s only 2 short months away from the deadline for my master thesis, and I’m kind of shaky acknowledging this. So far, I’m still going as planned, with my thesis… Continue Reading →


Today has been a big day in my, so far very short, career. My internship has been approved! I will be busy writing my masterthesis at Ordina, a leading company when talking about SOA and SOA-integration. My job is to… Continue Reading →

Temporarily busy

Yes, my life being a student does have it’s rough edges from time to time. After getting graded an 8 for our seminar-document (which is kind of depressing considering the good comments we received during the seminar, and the bulky… Continue Reading →

One document to rule them all

Getting things done has to be, by far, the nicest thing a student can achieve. Today, roughly an hour before the deadline that is just what happened to me and my co-workers, we’ve gone final! Yes, you’ve read it right;… Continue Reading →

Frantic times

When you’ve been to college (of any form: MBO, HBO, WO, other) you probably know the drill: several hours before the deadline some frantic work is done to get everything in order to meet the final deadline set by your… Continue Reading →

Yet another meeting

Today, we had the second meeting this week, this time it was about the documents we handed in last Monday. Our professor handed us some pointers to create better documents, and these will most definitely be taken into account over… Continue Reading →

Daily report

Our final report is getting along nicely, and after persuading Microsoft Word to follow my intentions which has caused quite a bit of a headache at times, it also not only looks nice but has the right chapter-numbering. I hope… Continue Reading →

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