Temporarily busy

Yes, my life being a student does have it’s rough edges from time to time.
After getting graded an 8 for our seminar-document (which is kind of depressing considering the good comments we received during the seminar, and the bulky document we’ve come up with. I know, quantity is not quality, but we’ve tried to be as complete as we could. I’ve got a slight suspicion we’ve been "undergraded" as we’ve not only doubted the course itself, we’ve also come up with a solution which doesn’t fit our professor’s views fully.
However, I’m not moaning over it as it would be childish to moan at an 8; but it would have been nice to get a higher grade in comparison to the other groups.)

Anyway, that was not why I’m about to post this: it’s because of my probable inactivity the next couple of days (weeks maybe?) as I’m currently very busy reading and studying for the upcoming exams. Yes, both of them.

Maybe I’ll post some stuff that’s catching my interest sooner or later, so far I’m not sure when that’ll be.
Thanks for reading this now. To shamelessly quote some Austrian guy:

I’ll be back!