Technical problems & migration issues

Yesterday my hoster decided to migrate from version A of his software to version B, which wouldn’t be such a problem when everything went well. However, you’ve probably guessed by reading the title of this post that it didn’t went well. Backups were made, and the migration was done, backups were restored and everything failed to work. Bugger. It turned out the auto_increment values of the primary keys in my database didn’t get migrated as well, so all tables in the database didn’t have any primary keys nor did the have auto_increment values where they should’ve had them. Luckily, I’m not a tech-savvy so I was able to fix it quite easily by walking through the database and editing the tables manually. Therefore, it all works again. Luckily. So: re-enjoy browsing my now repaired database 😛

Update: Today I’ve added a code-highlighter to this blog. Why? Well, you’d never know it, but I used to, and still do actually code quite a bit. Mostly PHP now, but Java, C# and JS are also part of my repertoire. An example of this highlighter is the following: [source:php]/*
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function hello()
echo “Hello!”;
return null;