More maintenance work

The folks over at WordPress keep on working to create a better experience for us all.
This time it is a security upgrade for the 2.0-branch, which brings the software up to quite a nice number: 2.2.2

Several updates have been fixed, including several severe flaws, including a XSS-hack.
All solved bugs can be found here. I usually don’t post these kinds of upgrades, however this update is quite important due to the XSS-vulnerability, so I’ve posted it nonetheless.

 EDIT: It is becoming more and more apparent: I’m tinkering with the blog quite a lot. I’ve (re-)created the link-widgets that can be viewed on your right as they’ve been absent since a previous upgrade. I’ve been foolish enough to simply discard the parent folder as I figured nothing important resided in it; but I was wrong.
However, rewriting them was a simple job, and so they’re back.