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A new year, a new theme. After TwentyTen, TwentyEleven and last year’s TwentyTwelve, I present to you: TwentyThirteen! I really like it for it’s bold colours and nice big width. Let’s see what versions after 0.1 give us!

More updates have come to this blog

Yeah, I’m running WP 3.0 on this blog, while this specific post has been typed on my Hero and the new WP app for Android. Let’s see the geotagging happen!

Yet another upgrade

Things are moving fast these days: shortly after the release of the 2.8-branch, patches 2.8.1 and even 2.8.2 became available. Today I upgraded to 2.8.2 to avoid being vulnerable to an XSS-attack. I hope these kinds vulnerabilities will not be… Continue Reading →

WordPress plugin Lightbox mess

As I recently upgraded from WP2.7 to the 2.8-branch, some issues could be expected. A recurring issue concerns a plugin I’m using to display those lovely popups (lightbox) to display images without leaving the page. Long story short: it’s not… Continue Reading →


Due to an error in one of the plugins I use, my website has shown a mere blank page (with the background in place) for over a day. I’m currently looking into it, and in an effort to tackle the… Continue Reading →

WP 2.7

Well, yes. I’m still alive. Even though it doesn’t particularly show from the activity over here, I’m still going strong. So why is this post called WP2.7 I can hear you ask? It is because I’ve upgraded this blog to… Continue Reading →

New archives-page!

Check out my fancy new archive! 🙂 It’s called Snazzy Archive, and can be found here. Please tell me your experiences with it!

Maintenance & upgrade

Not only the house has had it’s maintenance, WordPress has announced the immediate availability of WP2.6! I’ve upgraded, after using the Beta’s and RC’s for the last couple of days, to this new version, and all seems well. There are… Continue Reading →


Recetly, you might have exerienced some sluggishness and a hickup. Timmo: sorry I lost your reply! Due to a migration of this site to a new and improved install of the server, with more secure versions of PHP and mySQL,… Continue Reading →

Upgrades & improvements

For whoever is blogging with WordPress, the last few days must have been filled with newsposts, updates and announcements about the all new WordPress 2.5 I too have upgraded (since about 20 minutes ago) and everything seems to run fine…. Continue Reading →

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