Yet another upgrade

Things are moving fast these days: shortly after the release of the 2.8-branch, patches 2.8.1 and even 2.8.2 became available.
Today I upgraded to 2.8.2 to avoid being vulnerable to an XSS-attack.

I hope these kinds vulnerabilities will not be present in this version, nor the following versions. However: props to the contributors at WP for fixing it fast!

WordPress plugin Lightbox mess

As I recently upgraded from WP2.7 to the 2.8-branch, some issues could be expected.
A recurring issue concerns a plugin I’m using to display those lovely popups (lightbox) to display images without leaving the page. Long story short: it’s not working anymore.

I’m currently looking into a solid replacement, but so far no luck. You’ll have to do with the non-lightboxed images I guess. 🙂

NEW: I’ve added Slimbox to this site, to get the boxes back. Thanks EER!


Due to an error in one of the plugins I use, my website has shown a mere blank page (with the background in place) for over a day.
I’m currently looking into it, and in an effort to tackle the issue, I’ve deactivated that plugin.

The search has limited functionality for now; my apologies for that.

Edit (06-04-2009)

As I haven’t been able to locate the issue, I’ve decided to downgrade to the last known working version. We’re back up again!

WP 2.7

Well, yes. I’m still alive.

Even though it doesn’t particularly show from the activity over here, I’m still going strong.
So why is this post called WP2.7 I can hear you ask? It is because I’ve upgraded this blog to run the beta1 and beta2 of WordPress 2.7.

Right now, we’re on 2.7-beta2-9559, so it’s really cutting edge over here! ON the frontend, there’s nothing to see really, it’s all on the backend.
With a new admin-area and loads of powerful tools to play with (including automatic upgrading of plugins, themes and the blogging software itself) I’m a happy camper so far.

I’ve been testing WP directly from the SVN-trunk on my machine (locally) and it really works fine. I’m hoping to see it released publicly very soon, as I feel it can be way more intuitively used.

On a sidenote: so you tomorrow guys!

Maintenance & upgrade

Not only the house has had it’s maintenance, WordPress has announced the immediate availability of WP2.6!
I’ve upgraded, after using the Beta’s and RC’s for the last couple of days, to this new version, and all seems well.

There are no significant changes for the user (you dear readers), yet there are several nice modifications to the backend. I’m a happy camper. 😉

Together with the upgrade of the blog, several plugins have been upgraded over a few months, all without noticeable effect for you. Happy reading!


Recetly, you might have exerienced some sluggishness and a hickup.
Timmo: sorry I lost your reply!

Due to a migration of this site to a new and improved install of the server, with more secure versions of PHP and mySQL, some mishaps occurred with the old system. A DB had to be put back from the backup, and thus I lost a few things. This new install should perform better, and have less future issues due to the ‘hardened’ environment.

So, here we are. New day, new month, new install. Enjoy!

Upgrades & improvements

For whoever is blogging with WordPress, the last few days must have been filled with newsposts, updates and announcements about the all new WordPress 2.5

I too have upgraded (since about 20 minutes ago) and everything seems to run fine. If you do find some peculiar behavior anywhere on this site, please feel free to notify me, by emailing me. I’m reachable at: <my given name>@<my given name><my surname>.nl
Oh well, you would have probably figured that one out by yourself I guess. 😉