WordPress plugin Lightbox mess

As I recently upgraded from WP2.7 to the 2.8-branch, some issues could be expected.
A recurring issue concerns a plugin I’m using to display those lovely popups (lightbox) to display images without leaving the page. Long story short: it’s not working anymore.

I’m currently looking into a solid replacement, but so far no luck. You’ll have to do with the non-lightboxed images I guess. 🙂

NEW: I’ve added Slimbox to this site, to get the boxes back. Thanks EER!

3 thoughts on “WordPress plugin Lightbox mess”

  1. Hey EER, good hint!
    Slimbox is nearly there when it comes to being a complete substitution of my old lightbox-thingy, yet it lacks some things.
    For example, all images on a page are put into the very same ‘gallery’. My old one split the images in a per-post gallery.
    The animations are slightly more cumbersome by default, yet that would be adjustable. Unfortunately, this is not achieved by modifying a value on my website, it involves altering some sourcecode. Less usable.

    However: it will be powering my website from now on, until a better alternative pops up.

  2. You’re welcome 😀

    I’ll keep my eyes open on my internet adventures and let you know if I stray across something 🙂

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