WP 2.7

Well, yes. I’m still alive.

Even though it doesn’t particularly show from the activity over here, I’m still going strong.
So why is this post called WP2.7 I can hear you ask? It is because I’ve upgraded this blog to run the beta1 and beta2 of WordPress 2.7.

Right now, we’re on 2.7-beta2-9559, so it’s really cutting edge over here! ON the frontend, there’s nothing to see really, it’s all on the backend.
With a new admin-area and loads of powerful tools to play with (including automatic upgrading of plugins, themes and the blogging software itself) I’m a happy camper so far.

I’ve been testing WP directly from the SVN-trunk on my machine (locally) and it really works fine. I’m hoping to see it released publicly very soon, as I feel it can be way more intuitively used.

On a sidenote: so you tomorrow guys!