A warm welcome

As many of you know, I’m currently doing an internship at Ordina since the last week of July. To my great surprise, I found a note yesterday stating I could collect a bouquet delivered for a mr. Tijhof. Curious as I was, I went to our neighbours to retrieve the flowers only to find out they were sent for me! Who on earth could be sending ME a flower bouquet? Turns out it’s from the business unit I’m currently doing my internship with, so I’d like to thank you all for this fine present!

3 thoughts on “A warm welcome”

  1. Maarten Tijhof – Localhost – A long time tinkerer, I'm now seasoned in the art of integration where most of my work has been completed with Oracle middleware. Also, I'm an avid photographer and badminton player and very much like to travel the world!
    Maarten says:

    They hired me 😉

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