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/me is done!

Whoa, that feels nice! I’m (finally) done waiting for the approval for my graduation! I’ve set up an appointment to deal with all the bureaucratic hassle that has to be dealt with at the university, but I’m not going to… Continue Reading →

No more mr Student

If you want to buy a house, you’ll have to have an income of some sort. My income at Ordina is not bad at all for an intern, yet it is far from enough to pursuade the bank to lend… Continue Reading →

Fear of Islam is ruling The Hague

Each and every day there seems to be news about Geert Wilders, his Islam-critic film Fitna, "Boerkinis", troublesome (islamic) allochthonous youth and more. One could say it’s the Islam, or rather the fear around it, that’s keeping the reporters and… Continue Reading →

Short thesis-update

Since it already is the 18th of December, I’m telling you, my precious readers, the thesis is nearing completion. There still are major loads of work to do, and since my thesis coordinator at the university (again) is away for… Continue Reading →

Meetings rule!

And I mean it! Especially if you’re a good-sounding as I am now, with my clogged nose and lovely nasal voice. 😉 However, considering the above, I’m currently doing my job well. At least, according to my supervisor(s) and co-workers… Continue Reading →

Thesisupdate: Proposal is accepted!

Triple-yay! After my first proposal for a thesis was rejected by the university as the quality of the proposed thesis didn’t quite match the (high) university-standards, I sat down to rethink what Ordina was asking from me, and what I… Continue Reading →

A warm welcome

As many of you know, I’m currently doing an internship at Ordina since the last week of July. To my great surprise, I found a note yesterday stating I could collect a bouquet delivered for a mr. Tijhof. Curious as… Continue Reading →


Today has been a big day in my, so far very short, career. My internship has been approved! I will be busy writing my masterthesis at Ordina, a leading company when talking about SOA and SOA-integration. My job is to… Continue Reading →

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